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Amy Headshot.jpg


Founding Director,
Design Dynamo + Event Setup Queen

Day job: Owner and Creative Director of Black Owl Design
Website you visit the most:
Favourite saying: Colour outside the lines
I can often be seen drinking: A glass of red
What you love about Rocket: The amazing women that are so passionate about their jobs and helping their peers succeed. Oh, and laughing, we always have a good laugh. Life's too short to be serious all the time.

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Jade McAuley

Founding Director,
Marketing Maestro + the First Lady of Words

Day job: Managing Director of Rebel Marketing
Website you visit the most:
Favourite saying: No one can stop me, but me
I can often be seen drinking: Anything alcoholic
What you love about Rocket: Meeting interesting, inspirational women and helping them to discover new opportunities – and create their own.

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Alanna Brake

Cabin Crew Member + Head of First Impressions

Day job: Social Media Officer at Mackay Regional Council
Website you visit the most: That would be Facebook. I find the connecting and marketing power of social media fascinating, and enjoy that it is ever growing with new things to discover.
Favourite saying: Fake it 'til you make it. Whether it's a bad day or applying for a job, from my experience, confidence and attitude tend to hold you back more than ability or experience. Going in with the right attitude (fake or not) will put you on the right foot to making it - whatever that might be.
I can often be seen drinking: Depending on the time of day, it goes coffee, water and then wine.
What you love about Rocket: I love the relaxed, friendly atmosphere we have at Rocket. Whether it is your first time or 15th time to one of our events, you will feel welcome. To me, Rocket is about creating relationships to help each other accomplish great things.

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